About us

FDC® VITAMINAS is an American brand with almost 60 years in the market

Proudly made in the USA, the FDC brand of vitamins and nutritional supplements has been providing exceptionally high-quality supplements to the consumer since 1960.

From our humble beginnings as a store brand in Miami, FL, we have grown over the years to become an established brand with successful global distribution, bringing health & well-being to consumers worldwide.


Since 1993, Biowell America Ltda. is the exclusive representative of the Vitaminas FDC Brand in Brazil.

From its inception, FDC has had strong science and a dedication to good health at its core.
Competitive pricing, reliable service levels, a comprehensive product mix, and solid consumer education efforts round out the foundation for our success.


The factory:

We pride ourselves in our dedication to Quality with strategic manufacturing partners that are industry leaders in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical space.
We conduct both Quality and Commercial audits regularly to ensure our FDC brand is produced under the highest standards.



Biowell America constantly invests in technology to maintain the high quality of its extensive line of vitamins and supplements. The products pass through two quality standards, one monitored by the FDA after the manufacturing process and another upon arrival in Brazil, in its own laboratory, based on national legislation. We always think about promoting health to our customers, so none of the products in the FDC Vitaminas line contain sodium, sugar, gluten and tartrazine dye.