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FDC Vitamins distributes over 300 vitamins, minerals and herbs. Every product is manufactured in compliance with all applicable FDA regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
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The FDC line of vitamins and nutritional supplements offers a simple plan: Create quality supplements, offer them at a fair price, and build customer loyalty through confidence and value-added service.

FDC brand of vitamins and nutritional supplements represents over 30 years of providing exceptionally high quality supplements at a fair price to the consumer. From its inception, FDC has had strong science and a dedication to good health at its core. Fair pricing, reliable service levels, a comprehensive product mix, and solid consumer education efforts round out the foundation for our success. Those core values have driven the FDC brand to the forefront of every market it has entered for the last 3 decades.

Today, FDC brand supplements continue to be manufactured under strict cGMP manufacturing regulations with an unrelenting drive for perfection. Every formula is meticulously created, developed, and manufactured with quality and efficacy in mind. Every bottle we produce has had its quality assured at every step of the manufacturing process. Every consumer that takes FDC home can be confident that they are taking home high quality at a fair price.

FDC Brand Highlights

Bilingual Labeling
FDC offers bilingual labeling on the entire line. In addition to product labels, FDC truly believes in the importance of consumer education and offers a comprehensive and continuously growing mix of educational materials and support in English and Spanish.

International Brand Recognition
In addition to its growing market share in the US, the FDC line is distributed at over 10,000 locations throughout Latin America. We are the top selling line in both Brazil and in Venezuela; and we are distributed by the top grocery chain in Colombia. FDCs distribution network is aggressively growing throughout Europe and the Middle East.

FDC enjoys true international brand recognition that capitalizes on leadership position in Hispanic markets.

Education, Education, Education
Educating consumers not only creates new customers and customer loyalty but also offers tremendous value-added service for retailers and their customers.

FDC offers a wide range of options for aggressive brand support and education.